A little less talking, a bit more writing

“Leaders don’t just see the moment, leaders SEIZE the moment”. That is the difference between a leader and someone who thinks they are a leader.

Life lessons are hard to deal with when you see them in the mirror. To face the fact of discouragement, sorrow, disappointment, etc., is the beginning of enlightenment, love and conquer.

This blog was/is a “dream” of mine to, if anything, express what I learn and hope that maybe it can help one reader along the way. I logged on today to realize, upon my astonishment, that it had been that long since my last post.

I thought, I had this great idea, to blog life’s curious lessons. It was a fluid idea, learning as I posted, seeing people visit in my stats page. I was getting excited that it was out in the universe. Then reality set in. Life came screeching back, like it always does. The blog goes DARK.

Not this time, though. Seizing the moment and addressing the life struggles and accomplishments. Letting go of the fear of failure and bracing the possibility of success. This is new ground, but this is a learning process. Seize the moment.

**if you get this far with the article and you like what you see, shoot me a line so I know you are out there**


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