Mobile Updating May Be The Best Updating

I lay here in bed thinking of what I could have accomplished today and realized I am wasting my time scrolling through Twitter when I can update this page with some serious content.

It took only one Twitter follower to accept what I have been longing for. To open up my words to my potential readers, even if this is just the beginning. So to that first follower I say to you: Thank you. Thank you for the follow and the door that has now opened. Thank you for giving me the green light to write.

I lay here thinking there is so much more to be written, but for now I must leave you with the obvious lesson. One simple accomplishment can be reacted ten fold, meaning the smallest of achievement can leave you speechless. Remember that even the ant had to overcome the obstacle of carrying the bread away from the picnic so he used his friendships, his contacts, his other ant friends to accomplish the unthinkable.

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