3 Ways to Succeed in Daily Life

I created this blog for people like me.  People who tend to be stuck in a rut, but screaming from the inside to get something productive completed.  I created the “Tell Me How to Live” blog because I felt the need to share my experiences with others.  This is not a blog about being submissive, but quite the opposite. Let’s dive right in.


Do not just assume that someone who flipped you off on the road today may have it out to get you.  We meet, directly or indirectly, rude people on a daily basis.  At the coffee shop, driving on the freeway or simply in the parking lot while picking up your child.  You must realize that the person with the attitude has had some issue, some problem, that has affected them throughout that day, that they appear to be unleashing all the built up anger upon you.  Breathe.  This is not personal.  This is an action from them.  You must REACT in a more positive way.

2. PATIENCEPatience

The key to great relationships in life is to have patience.  I was always a confident person when it came to patience until I had two little rugrats running around my house.  They I truly understood what “testing your patience” actually meant.  This train can apply to your daily life and constant water cooler conversations with co-workers throughout the day. Step one – Listen.  Once you focus on listening to someone’s story, you will quickly realize that patience is necessary.  We ALL want to talk, but patience is truly virtue.


PickYourBattle   Even a simple reply email to your boss explaining why you did what you did needs to be put on hold until you take a breath and visit the restroom.  Far too many times can we get wrapped up in email conversations that can lead down a path of destruction.   Always remember when engaging in online conversation, whether with co-workers or on social media, take a second to think about what you are about to type.   Many times the things we say are better left not said at all.

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