No picture necessary

Sometimes pictures are necessary to create a theme or a vision of one’s outlook. I say, that is not true. Words can create vision and vision can create ideas. Ideas can create dreams and dreams can create reality. An artist once told me after he paints, he places his painting backwards in front of him to see a blank canvas. A new painting begins. After the second painting is completed, it is also turned backwards. An artist never should see his own work while creating. It’s after the work is done, the artist should take it all in. God created … Continue reading No picture necessary

Trust in yourself

There are times in your life where you will feel stagnate. You will feel like you are in a rut. You will feel like you are the hamster taking a run on the wheel. These times are indicators that our life is at a stall and you need to focus on within to see what your body and soul are telling you. You need to hone in on your strengths and concede your weaknesses. It is not often, in fact, this is the second time in my adult life that I’ve been aware of this transition. The last time, I … Continue reading Trust in yourself

Things to do

I took a long enough break on this blog to catch up and update on some life lessons and situations that have helped me grow in the past six months. Ideally I would like this log updated daily, so readers, and myself, can benefit from the words that are being read. Words are very powerful and can create much positive situations but it also needs an audience. Without an audience, they are just words. This entry is entitled “Things to do” not because I have some magical list of things that need to be accomplished but more for the reminder … Continue reading Things to do

A little less talking, a bit more writing

“Leaders don’t just see the moment, leaders SEIZE the moment”. That is the difference between a leader and someone who thinks they are a leader. Life lessons are hard to deal with when you see them in the mirror. To face the fact of discouragement, sorrow, disappointment, etc., is the beginning of enlightenment, love and conquer. This blog was/is a “dream” of mine to, if anything, express what I learn and hope that maybe it can help one reader along the way. I logged on today to realize, upon my astonishment, that it had been that long since my last … Continue reading A little less talking, a bit more writing

Mobile Updating May Be The Best Updating

I lay here in bed thinking of what I could have accomplished today and realized I am wasting my time scrolling through Twitter when I can update this page with some serious content. It took only one Twitter follower to accept what I have been longing for. To open up my words to my potential readers, even if this is just the beginning. So to that first follower I say to you: Thank you. Thank you for the follow and the door that has now opened. Thank you for giving me the green light to write. I lay here thinking … Continue reading Mobile Updating May Be The Best Updating

Frustration is Key to Success

You must be frustrated in a situation to take action.  Today was a day where that applied to me.  Working hard with co-workers and being patient with interacting with one another, I came across an individual who chose to argue with every suggestion I had in our meeting. The point of conversation is to understand each other and to work together if you are employed with one another.  Frustration is keep to success.  Using the benefits of understanding what you are up against, you can take action and use that frustration to your advantage. This is just an example of … Continue reading Frustration is Key to Success

3 Ways to Succeed in Daily Life

I created this blog for people like me.  People who tend to be stuck in a rut, but screaming from the inside to get something productive completed.  I created the “Tell Me How to Live” blog because I felt the need to share my experiences with others.  This is not a blog about being submissive, but quite the opposite. Let’s dive right in. WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER A RUDE PERSON  Do not just assume that someone who flipped you off on the road today may have it out to get you.  We meet, directly or indirectly, rude people on a daily … Continue reading 3 Ways to Succeed in Daily Life